Tsufurujins are a well known race mostly by they� highly advanced� technology, and� recognized as the most intelligent species in the universe.


Tsufurujins once� lived a life of peace on Planet Plant (Planet Tuffle)� however were� plagued by a brutal and blood-thirsty race, the� Saiyans (They were utterly decimated at a rare event, a full moon, occuring once every century).


Planet Plant was renamed to Vegeta after war with the Saiyans. The planet's gravity� is 10x stronger than that of� Earth's, which is why Saiyans and Tsufurujins are much stronger from the Human from birth. Later in the series Planet Vegeta was destroyed by Freiza,� there were� only a few known survivors. After years in GT series a survivor of the Tsufurujin race, Bebi(that wasnt exacly a Tsufurujin but an experiment with the DNA of Tsufurujin King), wished to make Planet Tuffle exacly like the one before the war with Saiyans. We don't know that life later formed on it and Tsufurujins and Saiyans reproducted again on that planet nothing is told about it at the end of GT series.