Technologists, a group of creatures that tend to build things and study their own creations, they are often known to be extremely useful to fighters, as they can build training equipment, weapons, and armor, along with many other technologies, by using materials called 'resources'.

The Technologist, instead of focusing on fighting statistics such as Strength and Endurance, will focus on one statistic, and the only Technologist-based statistic, intelligence. Intelligence is measured levels, level one being the first. There is no max level to intelligence, however, every time you gain a level, it is harder to gain the next level. Technology you gain goes as follows:

Level Tech Use Normal Cost
2 Armor Wearing this makes you take less damage from attacks, however, it also can break. The more resources you put in the armor, the stronger it is. 250
3 Sword Wearing this can make your battle power increase, determined by how many resources you put in the sword. However, it can not go past three times your power. 250
4* Punching Bag If you stand to the left of one of these, and select the 'attack' option over and over, you can gain offense and defense. Putting more resources in it makes the bag stronger, and therefore less likely to break. 1,000
4* Dummy When you attack this, a side glows up. Attack the glowed-up side to gain offense and defense. It is similar to the punching bag. 1,000
6* Poison An object than you can only use on yourself. The more resources in the poison, the easier it will kill you.


7* Drill Building one of these, and placing it on non-built ground, will drain resources from the planet, giving them to you. Extremely useful, as it can get resources for you, making you not needed to dig. 10,000
8* LSD Is completely pointless, and only for amusement. Taking LSD will cause the screen to flip around into different directions, causing odd graphical errors with icons that use more than 1 32x32 icon to form a larger icon. 50
8* Steroids Using this increases your battle power by a considerable amount, but also lowers your regeneration and recovery by a lot. Not recommended for use. 1,000
10* Fake Moon Using one of these will make all Sayains and Half-Sayains with tails turn into Oozaru, giving them 10x battle power, while lowering some stats. Disappears after use. 2,000
14* Scouter Wearing this will replace the 'sense' tab. Similar to sense, instead of comparing other's Battle Power, it detects other's Battle Power, within a set range. 50,000
17* Simulator Using this will make a simulation, that you can spar for offense and defense. You can set the Battle Power of the simulation when you activate it. 200,000
18* Gravity The reason why the gravity machine cost so much resources now, is due to a recent update. By using the gravity machine, you will gain more considerablely for both stats and BP from training. Also, if you set the gravity machine farther than your mastery, you will get knocked out, giving you the chance to zenkai abuse, and gain pure BP. 100,000,000
21* Regenerator Standing in this will increase your regeneration, as long as you stand in it. Can break if placed in extreme gravity. 20,000
22* Ship Similar to a pod, but instead of hopping into it, you enter a room, so therefore multiple people can use it (Can be upgraded to use Navigation). 20,000,000
22* Pod Using this makes you hop in the pod. Clicking the 'launch' button will make you launch off the planet, as long as you are not on built ground. Only one person may use this at a time. (Can be upgraded to use Navigation). 10,000,000
12* Gun Can shoot people, thus knocking them out, but not killing them. 1,000
12* Ammo Can refill your gun's ammo. 2,000
13* Blaster Like a gun, but you wear it. 1,000
24* Force Field When hit with blasts and bullets, you take no damage, as it deflects the projectile. Does not against beams, and the like. 1,000,000
28* Cloning Machine Setting this makes it so when you die, you will be revived by the cloning tank. You can only be revived once per cloning tank, and each time you are revived by it, your decline decreases. 100,000,000
26* T-Virus Using this on a dead body will make a zombie. Zombies evolve and kill others, thus making more zombies. Is very annoying, and frowned upon. It is hardly; if ever, used in RP situations, and is usually not allowed. 30,000,000
25* Nuke Activating this will set down a countdown. When the countdown ends, a massive explosion happens, destroying land and killing lifeforms. 30,000,000

Hacking Console

Hacking Consoles are used to trick doors into thinking you have a door pass, thus resulting in the door opening. 100,000,000

Space Suit (Originally Air Mask)

When worn, it allows you to breathe in space. 1,000


Similar to a scouter, but it does not read BP nor does it detect. It is only used for communication, and actually uses the same frequencies as a scouter. 100

Door Pass

When created, clicking it in the inventory will allow you to set a password to it. If the password for the door pass is the same as a door, it will open automatically without the pain of entering the password on the door manually. 100


PDA's are somewhat useful for RP. You can write anything you want inside them for others to view, (in HTML format) and you can also set the name of the PDA. 250

DNA Container

Used for storing a player's DNA, for use in genetics and such. 5,000

Stun Controls and Stun Chip

Useful for controlling a player for RP, or just for amusement. When a player is knocked out, you can install a stun chip in them. Each time you activate the stun chip with the stun controls, the player is knocked out again. 250

Teleporter Pad and Teleporter Watch

With Teleporter Pads, you can use them to teleport from planet to planet with ease, but it must be upgraded before you can use them to travel from planet to planet. This is easy, considering the pad can only be upgraded once. You can set a code for the pad to link other pads together, or you can use the Teleporter Watch and use the pad codes with the watch and teleporter whenever, wherever. 10,000,000


(Will add more later. Blank spots in the table are reserved for other technology users may have forgotten.)