Stats alter the performance of your character. There are many different stats. Their names and purposes will be explained below.

Stat DetailsEdit

Energy: Most things that require effort from your character drain energy, such as attacks of any kind.

Strength: This is how much damage you do with melee attacks. It is also how far you knock an enemy back with melee attacks.

Endurance: This decreases damage and knockback distance from melee attacks aimed at you.

Force: This is the same as strength, but for ki attacks.

Resistance: This is the same as durability, but for ki attacks.

Speed: This determines how fast your walk/run/fly and the refire between your attacks.

Offense: This is how good you are at landing an attack on an enemy without them being able to dodge or deflect it.

Defense: This is how good you are at dodging or deflecting incoming attacks.

Regeneration: This is how fast your health refills.

Recovery: This is how fast you gather energy, which increases how fast energy refills, and how fast you can power up.