Ranks are people who have rped well enough to have an actual rank in the game. ranks vary on each planet and for each race. Rankers are the only ones who can rank you besides earth guardian who grants korin. Also each rank comes with several skills and upgrades

Earth Ranks

Turtle hermit- Gains the move of master roshi and is 20 years older

Crane Hermit- Gains the moves of the crane hermit (kihoko and dodompa) and is twent years older.

Earth Guardian-Basically has to defend the earth at all times. If namek it can create dragon balls.

Korin- Plants senzu beans and guards holy water.

Vegeta Ranks

King of vegeta- Rules vegeta (can be male or female).

Tuffle Scientist- Gets intel boost and has no real purpose.

Namek Ranks

Namekian elder- Rules over the namekians

Icer Ranks

Lord of icer- Becomes a lord of icer

Custom Ranks

If you ask and rankers agree you can be given a custom rank of your choice with a modest upgrade of skills intell or whatever your rank requires

Teacher and skill master

Both ranks are given a variety of skills depending on the planet your on. Unlike skill masters teacher need students at all times.