Namekian (Also known as cucumber/slug people.)Edit

Namekians are, obviously, born on the planet Namek.They have a BP Modifier of 2, like the Low-Class Saiyans, thus making them able to keep up with most of the Low-Classes. They are not a very popular race, though rarely they'll become prevalent in population, and when the do so, wipes tend to last longer or have a greater quality. Mutant dragon Namekians (Ex: King Piccolo's eggs) are mutated Namekians, therefore they are not only cucumber and slug people but also green dinosaurs, in other words a Namekian can be classified as a Yoshi.

Attribute Mod
Battle Power 2x
Final Battle Mod 250x
Energy 3x
Strength 1x
Endurance 0.8x
Speed 1.5x
Force 1x
Resistance 2x
Offense 1.2x
Defense 2x
Regeneration 4x
Recovery 2x


Planet Namek has two ranks.These ranks instigate RP events, and generally promote the advancement of a storyline, or allow more activity between players. The players chosen for these ranks must be fairly active in the game.

'The Namekian Elder''''(NE)

The Elder acts as a wise leader towards his people, uniting them and looking after the planet. He receives some abilities like Make Dragon Balls, Unlock Potential, Fusion, etc.


Namek teachers find students they deem worthy, teaching them the techniques: Blast, Charge, Masenko, Piercer, Guide Bomb, Homing Finisher,etc.