Kyuuketsuki, a custom race, and the vampire race of Finale, was designed and is used by Sawrock, and bought by one of his friends for him. Later on, after it was used a bit, some other users bought it as well.


The custom starts off like an alien, with 70 statpoints and all mods starting off at one. The Kyuuketsuki has many usefull abilities, such as-

Smoke Form: The ability to turn into smoke, which makes you move extremely� fast, and able to slip between the cracks of locked doors. However, you can't use melee attacks in this form.

Overdrive: Added recently (the date of today being Feburary 18, 2010), this is intended to make sure it does not die from the power of the other customs.

Regenerate: They have a regeneration mod of 1.5, making them as regeneritive as full-regeneration aliens. This is a reference to the abilitiy, not the stat.

Precognition: The ability

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