Humans are a popular race in Finale, due to their good stat mods. However, their BP Mod of only 1 (one of the lowest in Finale!) means they usually come into great power late wipe, though not always. With access to technology, though, they can become a force to be reckoned with.


Attribute Mod
Battle Power 1x
Final BP Mode 220x
Energy 1.5x
Strength 1x
Endurance 1x
Speed 2x
Force 2x
Resistance 2x
Offense 2x
Defense 2x
Regeneration 2x
Recovery 2x

Third EyeEdit

A power exclusive to this race, the third eye reveals itself when the immense energy in a human causes them to become enlightened.

Human FamiliesEdit

Like Saiyans, Humans have families as well, though they're much less common. Only two are known of currently:

  • The Maroon Tribe
  • The Fre Family