This is a thing on Cybernetics.. it may or may not be 100% accurate because I am going off of the new finale system (the newest).

Benifits and Disadvantages. (New Finale)Edit

At level 50 you obtain a skill called "Cyberize", which allows you turn your character.. or anyone else's character into a cyborg. Becoming a Cyborg means giving up your humanity, which means no SSJ if you're trying to obtain it and that ki abilities will be weakened quite a bit, and you'll sacrifice an amount of regeneration and recovery depending on how many times you've been cyberized before. Cyborgs have been known to have lower gains (Unconfirmed?). Now to the advantages... Cyborgs can have a static amount of power added onto their character, which means it'll be irrelevant to whatever Health/Energy% you have, as well as Expand, focus and such. Cyborgs can obtain five module upgrades.. which are as follow.

Integrated Scanner: allows you to read a person's battle power no matter what. This is the only module that you can keep after you die.

Breathe in Space: Self explanitory.

Manual Absorb: Gives you the Absorb technique.

Energy Absorb Level 1: Allows you to absorb any energy attacks as long as your energy% is below 200%, and you're facing it.

Energy Absorb Level 2: Same as level one, only you don't have to be facing it.


Initial Cyborgification (with no BP increase): 2,000,000 Divided by intelligence mod.

Breathe in Space: 2,000,000

Integrated Scanner: 20,000,000

Manual Absorb: 20,000,000

Energy Absorb Level one: 100,000,000

Energy Absorb Level two: 100,000,000

Cyberize Itself: 500,000 + (10 x whatever BP you wanted to add)