Androids (人造人間, Jinzōningen, lit. Artificial Humans) are robotic/cyborg humans. Some androids appear simply as robots, while others are designed to resemble and blend into human society.


Androids begin on the android ship, although they begin strong they must gain ki through the Absorb ability.Androids also are extremely difficult to bring up there stats. Androids are also incredibly difficult to get off the planet unless they create a ship (because of vast available resources and high intell) or are picked up by someone in a ship.

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The bio-android is a special type of android which can transform into different forms when enough power is absorbed and androids are absorbed. They can not leave the ship until after ten years of age. Bio Androids also regenerate back to life but can still be killed. Bio androids are ALWAYS EVIL unlike androids which can be good.